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It was LiveJournal's duty to inform me vial e-mail that my last update to my journal was 176 weeks ago. Holy shit where the hell have I been.

Tomorrow I turn 21 at 10:52 am. Pretty exciting. I kind of don't see the point however, since I have an 18 month old daughter who has a worthless father so I'm a full time single mother going to college. Not like I'm going to have a lot of time to get wasted with my numerous amounts of drinking buddies. I have a total of 4 friends plus a boyfriend. My best friend just turned 19 soooo fail. At least I can buy us booze so we can drink together when our sometimes d-bag boyfriends piss us off. The last time we got drunk together mine was in Kentucky working and hers way in town just overall being a twat about something. We were alone in her house and she remembered one time he just showed up after she didn't answer his calls. So naturally we got scared, locked all the doors, turned off all the lights, and sat by the biggest bay window ever created in the front of the house. We drank old champagne (which we thought was like wine in that it got better with time, we were wrong.) and taled about why she shouldn't be with him. Then we drunk passed out on the floor where we were. They're still together and going on 4 years in fact. I went to high school with both of them and couldn't STAND Ian then. We would get n verbal fights constantly and got a pink slip for one. I was kind of friends with Elisia but not as close as we are now. Dating her brother has made us closer too. Basically I'm part of the Wells family.

Dottie's getting pretty huge. Wearing 2T clothes and only a year and a half old. She's not in daycare yet or anything, I don't have any extra money for that right now. Going to school and not having a job has kind of wiped me out. But she really loves other little kids, she can just watch and listen to them all day and be entertained.

The Closer is getting semi-interesting so I'm leaving the web world. Seee yaaaa.
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why in the world do i do this to myself. i should really just listen to everyone else's advice and stay away butttt no. my insecurities pretty much hold me prisoner and i'm like attached to him.

"will you come lay in my spaceship with me?"
"yes jake. i'd love to."

I mean Jesus Christ himself could not destroy our relationship I don't think. Hopefully it's not just a teenage crush, our feelings for each other seem way more than that.

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hello, starshine! the earth says hello.

i thought that "this is the carter/so hold on to your teenage daughter" might be an offensive opening line to this guest post. so starshine. jerrick mills says chanel is "clownin". clownin? i remember watching bozo the clown before pre-school BACK IN THE .. early 90s. the decade of growing pains, if you will. {and i know you will}

wayne in the brain! i'm higher than a motherfucking pelican right now.

so riddle me this, chanel's lj friends list: is a high-five that is executed with the feet called a LOW-five? or no, because that's another variation of the high-five? we will have lots of time to ponder this conundrum in CASA DE SARAH & CHANEL. you all can come by sometime. if you bring booze with you. k bye!


p.s. chanel says hi
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